New Zealand welcomes entrepreneurs.  But where’s the best place to start your business?  Immigration New Zealand has significantly increased the points value for entrepreneurs setting businesses up outside of Auckland.  40 points (out of the required 120) are being granted for businesses being established outside Auckland.  This reduces the amount of capital investment required and the number of jobs that need to be created.

What does this mean for entrepreneurs?

This means an entrepreneur can establish a business with a capital investment of as little as NZ $200, 000 and creating new jobs for 2 employees.  Compare this to Auckland where the same entrepreneur would have to invest in excess of $400,000 and create 5 new jobs.

There are other advantages.  Commercial property is less costly either to rent or buy outside Auckland.  As is most residential property.  Auckland may be New Zealand’s biggest city but availability of staff and accommodation is fast becoming a major issue. Smaller towns and cities may offer other advantages, such as less commuter traffic and lower salaries, when compared to Auckland.

All of which is good news for entrepreneurs looking to migrate to New Zealand and get an all-round better deal.